Mythological Tattoos

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Statue of Hera Barberini. Marble. Roman copy after a Greek model of the late 0 1
Hera, Juno goddess of women and marriage greek mythology statue 0 2
A prayer to Hera, Greek goddess of marriage, queen of Olympus 0 14
The Sunshine Plant on Instagram: “F in chat for our boy Hermes 0 1
Hera- Goddess of marriage, woman, and family Roman form- Juno 0 1
Zeus Sculpture, God of Thunder, Wall Art, Zeus Figure, Handmade, Greek God, Statue Sculpture 0 1
(11) Facebook Zeus and hera, sketch by Cathy Delanssay 0 0
Laughter-loving Aphrodite crowned in roses, myrtle, and apple blossoms for Valentine’s Day 0 1